Keep your phone and other devices charged without ruining your battery!

✅ Wireless & Fast Charging: Rapid, cable-free Qi-compatible charging for efficiency & convenience.
✅ Sleek & Stylish Design: Slim, elegant design with non-slip grips for secure charging.
✅ Universal Compatibility: Supports various smartphones and Qi-enabled devices effortlessly.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Works With iOS, Android & More


Transform your charging experience with this innovative wireless charger. Its advanced Qi-compatible technology enables fast, clutter-free charging for a wide range of smartphones, earbuds, and other Qi-enabled devices.


Super-convenient charging for a quick boost and fully charged battery.


Don’t get stuck with incompatible, old, frayed wires ever again.


It doesn’t get any easier than this! Simply place your phone on the charging pad for instant power.

Fast Wireless Charging For All Your Devices


TapNCharge™ lets you charge your phone without any cables.

Place your phone on the sleek, compact charging pad and it instantly charges. Works with all new Samsung and Apple phones. Have quick access to your phone while it’s charging.

No more charging with old, frayed, frustrating wires. Use the built-in wireless charging in your new phone. Get your money’s worth!

A Better Wireless Charger:

Sleek and Clutter-Free
Embrace this stylish, modern charging solution that eliminates messy cables, enhancing your space with its contemporary design and wireless capabilities.

Experience Lightning-Fast Charging
Effortlessly power your Qi-enabled devices with unparalleled speed and convenience, thanks to TapNCharge’s cutting-edge technology.

What Customers Have to Say About TapNCharge


I love this charger. It’s so easy to bring with me when I’m doing chores at home. I also really HATE clutter. If you’re like me, you’ll definitely love TapNCharge.

– Kaelyn Thompson

✅ Verified Buyer


Wow, I didn’t think my old iPhone would work again. It only charges when I hold the cable in place, and it’s very slow. As soon as I placed my phone on the charging base, it powered up super fast.

– Natalie Hendricks

✅ Verified Buyer


I didn’t think it was going to charge that fast, but it works way better than any charging cable. I have multiple TapNcharges around my house. So convenient! 

– Lyle Miller

✅ Verified Buyer

Fast Charging

Sleek, Modern Design

100% Wireless, No More Cables

Special Offer Available

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If TapNCharge doesn't work for you, you may return it within 30 days for a refund.


A: TapNCharge uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power between the charging pad and your device. When you place your Qi-compatible device on the charging pad, it automatically starts charging without needing to be connected to any cables.

A: TapNCharge is compatible with any device that supports Qi wireless charging. This includes many popular smartphones, tablets, and other accessories. Please refer to your device’s manual or manufacturer website to confirm if your device supports Qi wireless charging.

A: Using TapNCharge is simple. First, connect the charging pad to a power source using the provided cable. Then, place your Qi-compatible device on the charging pad with the screen facing up. Your device should automatically begin charging.

A: Yes, TapNCharge works with most cases. However, very thick or metal cases may interfere with the charging process. If you’re experiencing issues with charging, try removing the case to see if it resolves the problem.

A: TapNCharge supports fast charging for compatible devices, allowing them to charge more quickly than with standard wireless chargers. The actual charging speed will depend on your device’s capabilities and power requirements.

A: Yes, it is safe to leave your device on TapNCharge overnight.

A: TapNCharge is designed to charge one device at a time. If you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously, you will need to purchase additional charging pads or use alternative charging methods..

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