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Turn Your Lights On and Off With Google Home or Alexa!

March 22, 2019 at 1:50 AM MST | Sponsored Content

Make Any Device a Smart Wireless Device Instantly!

A few weeks ago, I went to a party at my friend’s house. It was a great night, there were all our old friends there, and we had a blast. Arlene was my old college roommate and we were great friends.

But I had a little too much to drink, and I was worried about driving home.

“Why don’t you stay here?” said my friend Arlene. “I’ve got a foldaway couch. You can sleep here!”

“I don’t want to be any trouble.” I said.

“Nonsense!” she said, “I’d love the company. You can sleep here, and in the morning we can go out for breakfast and catch up. We haven’t seen each other for a long time anyway!”.

So I decided to stay the night. Arlene made up the bed for me, and she came back to see if I was OK.

“Oh, yeah, you can use the bathroom in the hall over there,” she said.

I started to get up to shut the lights. But Arlene stopped me.

All the lights went out! Wow! That was great!

So I tried it a few times, and the lights went on and off. Wild! I wanted to get the same thing for my apartment, but I thought it would be really expensive to buy all the automated stuff!

In the morning, we went out for breakfast in Arlene’s car.

We stopped for gas, and suddenly she slapped her head.​

Amazingly Simple, Inexpensive Smart Outlet That Works With Anything.

Anyway, when we got back to Arlene’s place, I asked her all about the smart devices she was using. She showed me a website where I could buy these really cool outlets that just plug into the wall and start working instantly.

At first, I didn’t think I could use it because I had an Amazon Alexa instead of Google Home, but I found out that the outlets, called Smart Socket, could work with either one, no problem. And even if someone didn’t have ALEXA OR GOOGLE HOME, they still work great with other Smart Home HUBs and the FREE PHONE APP. They were so cool!

I remembered when I was a little kid, my parents had this thing called “The Clapper” that they bought on one of these TV shopping channels. It was pretty amazing at the time. All you had to do was clap your hands and it would turn the lights on or off!!

Smart Socket is the modern version of the “The Clapper”, but it does dozens and dozens of even more amazing things!

Smart Socket turns any standard household appliance into a smart device, so you can control your entire home by voice or with the Smart Socket app. Plug any electronic device into the Smart Socket and tell it to turn on, off, or set it on a timer – no matter where you are as if you had a stay-home assistant!

You can also pair your Smart Socket with a Smart Home HUB like Amazon Echo or Google Home and control everything with your voice. Now you can turn the lights off by voice or wake up to freshly brewed coffee, warm up the house before you get home, or set the lights on a security timer while you’re on vacation – all without investing in new smart-enabled appliances!

It’s so easy! You don’t have to wire anything or take anything apart. It just works, in seconds!!

Want to have your home lights turn on and off at a set time or make it look like you’re home when you’re on vacation? Smart Socket lets you do just that.

With Smart Socket, you can also control ALMOST ANYTHING through your smartphone and connect them to other Smart Home devices, so that your lights will turn on if your security system detects an intruder, or your smoke detector senses fire. 

You can also set up things to work together, or have them alert you to almost any event! The possibilities are endless!

Smart Socket plugs right into your wall outlets (super easy installation) and have a socket on their front for anything to be plugged into them — like a fan, lamp, television or almost any appliances or device. Even phone chargers, radios, or anything else.

Inside, they have a chip that speaks to your home network. To set them up, you just download the free Smart Socket smartphone app which connects the plug to your network. You can also set timers in the app, and connect the plug to an Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speakers!

Here’s My Experience With Smart Socket!

I ordered a set of Smart Sockets from the official website. The official website has the best deal, and I was also sure I was getting the latest electronic version that was the most reliable and effective.

My Smart Sockets came in the mail in about a week. They were securely packaged and my order was correct.

I downloaded the free app onto my iPhone (there is also an app for Android phones, and both are absolutely free!)

It took me less than ten minutes to plug my lamps into my new Smart Sockets and set them up with my ALEXA. It was super easy. I am not the greatest when it comes to complicated electronics, but this was so simple, anyone could do it, even me!

So to test them, I told ALEXA to turn on the lights. WOW! It worked the first time!​​

I’m so happy that I don’t ever have to worry about stumbling around at night and bumping into things!

I’m going to order some for my parents too, because their old “Clapper” stopped working years ago. They will be a great gift!

Smart Sockets are just amazing, and they work great! I told all my friends, and I wanted to let my internet friends know too!

Here’s where I ordered. They run special low priced promotions, so jump on it now before the price gets raised or they run out!

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