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Did you know: Due to the devices we use daily, like our smartphones, laptops, and Wi-Fi, we are now surrounded by 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than 50 years ago.


That’s why we created PWR Guard, an EMF protection device, which retunes the electromagnetic frequencies at its source, so the devices are more comfortable to use.

Protects Against Harmful EMF

Scientifically Proven Technology

Protect Your Family's Health

Works With Any Devices

Over 1 Million Reasons To Use PWR Guard


Helps Relieve Unwanted Symptoms

Get headaches when using your phone or computer for too long? Feel unexpected fatigue, anxiety, or agitation? PWR Guard is proven to harmonize the root of the problem and help relieve these unwanted effects from EMFs.

“Overall, it is concluded that the PWR Guard has shown to be profoundly effective in negating the effects of mobile phone radiation on the human body.” – Dr. Thornton Streeter, Centre for Biofield Sciences

Independently Tested, Researched, & Proven

Protects You From All “EMF Transmitting” Devices

Common ones include: smartphones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, televisions, baby monitors, and game consoles. Ideally, one PWR Guard should be placed on each individual device.

Don’t trust just anyone to protect you and your family from EMF radiation. PWR Guard has been independently and rigorously tested. Thousands of people are already enjoying the benefits. Try it and feel the difference!

Easily Attaches To Every Device

Made With The Highest Quality Materials

PWR Guard’s revolutionary quantum technology is the gold standard in EMF harmonization. We take our role in supporting you and your family very seriously and only source and use premium materials.

A PWR Guard does not need to be in a specific position on a device to start protecting you immediately.

Attach It Once And Forget About It

Protects You Forever (customer favorite!)

That’s right – every PWR Guard lasts indefinitely, so there is no need to ever replace or upgrade it.

PWR Guard is so thin/lightweight, you’ll never know it’s there. It also uses the best adhesive on the market so you never have to worry about losing it.

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your PWR Guard, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

Here’s Why Customers Love PWR Guard

“I absolutely LOVE them!”
✅ Verified Buyer
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I absolutely LOVE them! I have been putting PWR Guards on my devices and felt an almost immediate improvement in my energy levels and clarity of my thoughts – it was like the brain fog cleared. I’ve also noticed a marked improvement in my sleep quality and am dreaming regularly and waking up feeling well rested. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone and have already suggested all my family and friends get them!
“Would absolutely recommend”
✅ Verified Buyer
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I have my smart phone in my pocket every day and when it’s not there I would occasionally feel like it was vibrating/ringing only to realize it wasn’t even near me. Since I attached the PWR Guard to it I no longer have felt the weird effect that the radiation was causing. I’ve since purchased them for my family’s electronics as well.
“Everyone should be using these”
✅ Verified Buyer
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I have been using PWR Guards for over 3 years now & have definitely noticed I’m sleeping better, there is less heat from my phone. All my devices have dots on them & I don’t feel as drained as I have in the past, definitely more energy. I highly recomend, everyone should be using these. Thank you so much.
“Putting dots on everything”
✅ Verified Buyer
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Thank you to PWR Guard for clearing my headaches and giving me more energy when working at home. I feel much better and have started putting dots on everything much to my husband’s amusement! Whenever I ask your advice or help with something, I receive a detailed reply really quickly, a great service, thank you! I thoroughly recommend these products.

Retune EMF Radiation at Source Now!

Put PWR Guard on your phone, laptop, Wi-Fi router and more!

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