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NanoSecure uses cutting edge technology to keep your data safe and is the fastest on the market.

Theft is one of the biggest concerns in the modern world. Whether it is online, at home or when you are out, it can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. A fingerless USB reader is the latest way of protecting your information and ensuring its safety.

NanoSecure is the most advanced of all the options on the market. It isn’t a basic piece of equipment, that takes ages to use, it has several useful functions. For security in an uncertain world, NanoSecure is what you need.

NanoSecure Is The World’s Fastest Fingerprint Recognition Technology

A complaint with other products is that they are slow to use. When getting into your USB files is urgent, speed is very important. With NanoSecure, when you scan your print you get the world’s fastest access. It takes just 0.15 seconds, making it quicker than any other.

Not only is this saving you time but it looks good in front of potential clients when you are showing information in person. It is certified by FIDO alliance (Fast Identity Online) which means the unique system has been checked and works fast, to modern digital safety standards.

You can lock and unlock your files in the blink of an eye, making it an essential piece of equipment for securing your files.

NanoSecure Works With Up To 10 Fingerprints

A common complaint with USB fingerprint security technology is that a lot of products are limited to 1 user. Some products might give you a few more options but none of them rival NanoSecure’s incredible 10.

This means the whole family can benefit from added security making everyone’s information more secure. Also, if you are away from your laptop or out on business but have left your NanoSecure at home, you are still able to get into your files for a vital piece of information. A member of your family can use their fingerprint to get what you need.

NanoSecure Has a 360 Degree Recognition System

There is nothing more frustrating than having to rescan your fingerprint time and again, all because the technology is flawed.

NanoSecure makes it easy for you to get into your files with its unique 360-degree finger recognition design. Place your finger at any angle to get access to the USB in a split second.

Non-directional access is something unique and another reason why so many people trust it as their security product of choice.

It is a more accurate method and the advanced technology is more reliable than traditional optics. Encrypting your files is effortless and safety is just two clicks away.

NanoSecure Guarantees Your Access

Complicated passwords can be so frustrating. Having to write them down is dangerous and can lead to easy access for thieves should they find your sensitive information.

Even remembering your passwords can be difficult. It takes a long time to retrieve them and set up new ones via email, wasting your precious time that could be spent more wisely. USB fingerprint recognition technology saves you time and means you never have to worry about getting locked out of your files.

Computer hackers are incredibly sophisticated and are often finding ways around passwords to get access to private information. The unique fingerprint that belongs to you cannot be forged meaning NanoSecure is the best way of keeping your files away from the hands of thieves.

NanoSecure Protects All Your Information Wherever You Are

Typing your password in public comes with its own risks. There is always the danger that someone is looking over your shoulder, and watching as you give them your password unwillingly.

NanoSecure eliminates the risk of someone copying your password and is completely secure. This gives many people the piece of mind to know they can work in a public place, and their important files and information are protected.

Even if the USB itself is stolen, the thief has no way of accessing your information. This protects you against fraud and further theft of information. Because of the sleek and compact design, you can take it everywhere you go, it doesn’t look out of place when used with any laptop.

NanoSecure is also built to be solid so it can withstand the odd bump or being dropped on the floor.

NanoSecure Has Breath Sensing Technology

A lot of USB fingerless detection products are limited in their features. NanoSecure has many including AI biological detection and breath sensing technology to help make your information even more secure.

On top of all this, it also has forged attempt detection which really gives your information a layer of security that others do not.

Virtually impossible to duplicate, it only works if you or a designated family member are trying to access the USB, which is exactly the level of security you want.

NanoSecure Is An Excellent Investment

Many people say you can’t put a price on security and that is true. The value you get from NanoSecure makes it a vital piece of technology that everyone should use.

Protect your family or business from fraud and start using NanoSecure to keep your information safe today.

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