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Tech Geek Invents Genius Device To Help His Mother De-Bug Her Computer… All By Herself!

Corey Velan knew his mom was always struggling to keep her computer free from dangerous malware and viruses. But even though Corey could easily de-bug her computer himself, he lived thousands of miles away! And the thought of her spending a few hundred dollars to get it fixed by someone else didn’t sit right with him. So he came up with a genius invention that could save her computer—and the computers of millions of other Americans—even if he wasn’t at her side…

There were over 750 million malware attacks on personal computers in the year 2018.¹

But the problem is, most people weren’t even aware of these attacks on their computers. That is, until it was already too late…

Not just because hackers and viruses are experts at covering up their tracks. But because it can be hard to tell if your computer is infected in the first place!

For example, when was the last time you noticed your computer:

  • Has slow loading and response times
  • Shows you unexpected, random pop-ups
  • Freezes or crashes for no apparent reason
  • Disables your antivirus without you touching it
  • Has new icons on the desktop, or a new Internet browser home page

All of these may be signs that your computer is infected with viruses and malware…

…but they may also be signs of a recent computer update, corrupted files, an out-of-date scanning software, or simply that your hard drive is full!

And that’s exactly what was happening with Corey Velan’s mom, Penny.

Many Americans have no idea their computer is infected or their security compromised because the signs can simply be too hard to see

With all kinds of sneaky malware and viruses popping up on “legit-looking” websites and emails, she’d often click on them or open them up by mistake…leaving her computer and all her private information vulnerable to anyone for the taking. But she didn’t just struggle to keep her computer clean, she also struggled to scan it effectively in the first place! That’s because once malware or viruses infiltrate a computer, they “hide” deep within and can run in the background as soon as you boot up your computer… making them undetectable by many regular antivirus scanners. So even when she did run a scan, Penny had absolutely no way of knowing if her computer was truly free of all malware and viruses… That’s when her son Corey, decided it was time he took matters into his own hands.

Corey Velan knew he could easily fix his mom’s computer, if only he was by her side every time she needed help…

He wanted to find a way to help his mom keep her personal information safe and secure, at all times

With his technical background, Corey easily knew how to fix his mom’s computer and clean away nasty viruses and malware. But as he was no longer living at home, he wasn’t able to just “pop by” and help her out. And the thought of her spending hundreds of dollars getting a tech repair company to do it for her, only to have it potentially get infected again and again… he didn’t think it was fair. So he started planning and thinking. And planning some more. And then came up with a brilliant idea.

Introducing the FixMeStick™ a handy USB device that can de-bug any computer or laptop… anytime you need!

Corey’s genius invention was this: a waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof USB stick that anyone can simply plug into their computer, and… have all viruses and malware cleared away, in a flash! Here’s how it works:
  1. Plug the FixMeStick™ into a USB slot on your computer
  2. Start your computer
  3. Let FixMeStick™ remove all viruses and malware for you and leave your computer clean, fast, and working like brand new!
The secret to FixMeStick™‘s success is this: it uses not 1, not 2…but 3 of the world’s best antivirus software, plus another 7 antivirus scanners, to comb through every single file on your computer and identify and disable every single dangerous file! What’s more, it works so well because it doesn’t rely on your computer to help it uncover hidden malware and viruses! It uses its own, lightning-fast operating system, so even if you have the dreaded “Blue screen” or your computer doesn’t even start without crashing, you can still use FixMeStick™ to clean your computer and make your personal information safe and secure again!

Today, more than 1.2 million people regularly use FixMeStick™ to make sure their computers are safe and clear from viruses and malware

And they’ve left thousands of positive reviews everywhere, sharing their stories of triumph after using their FixMeSticks™. Here’s what just one thrilled user said about his experience: “My PC was running very slowly and I got the dreaded Blue screen! After [using FixMeStick™] the problems have all cleared up and I don’t need to get a new computer. I am running it monthly, no problems since but having that monthly scan is a nice plus. Very easy to understand and use… I am not at all “techy” and I could do it!”

De-bug your computer in a flash, all by yourself by trying FixMeStick™ 30 days at a very special low price

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