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There Are Two Types of “Do-It Yourselfers”…Which Are You?

Hint: Type #2 doesn’t like to fix things twice…

Monday, March 8, 2021 | Becky Turlington

How many “I need to fix its” do you have lying around your house?

You know…those broken items you decided to hold on to, mostly because throwing them away would feel like such a waste?

Things like…that broken pair of glasses you’re hoping you won’t have to replace…or that fancy chipped china that’s too important (or expensive) to just get rid of. Or even those nice headphones you got as a gift last year.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably the first type of “do-it-yourselfer”:

You likely use what you’d find in a hardware store to fix your broken items – super glue, wood glue, epoxy, etc. – with varying results. You’d end up with a sticky situation on your hands, and a fix that doesn’t always last.

The second kind fix it right the first time with Bondic.

What’s Bondic? It’s a revolutionary non-toxic, clear liquid plastic – and it’s a surefire way to build, bond, fix, and fill virtually ANYTHING.

Let’s get one thing straight: Bondic IS NOT glue – it’s something much better!

Each kit comes with a combination device – a “liquid plastic welder” – an easy to hold, pen-sized tube of specially-designed clear liquid, a shaping tool, and a UV light.

How does it work?

  1. Just apply the clear liquid formula like a normal adhesive.
  2. Shine the UV light on the area for 4 seconds and…….VOILA!
  3. You now have a waterproof, weatherproof, rock-solid bond!

Fix toys and figurines, eyeglasses, jewelry, broken or chipped dishes…fill holes in leaky metal or composite pipes…stop leaks in aquariums and pools…patch up patio furniture…if you can think of it, Bondic probably works on it! Bondic can also be painted, sanded, molded, milled, filled, and polished.

Here’s what a few of Bondic’s 1,956 positive reviewers had to say about it:

This looks like something I’ve seen at the dentist’s office…

It should. One of Bondic’s founders, a Doctor of Dental Surgery, was actually inspired by a similar technology used in dentist’s offices.

What’s wrong with good ol’ fashioned super glue?

If you’ve ever worked with super glue, you know it isn’t perfect. In fact, there are two major downsides to only relying on glue:

There are A LOT of things super glue just doesn’t work on.

Plastics. Glass pieces. Certain types of piping. Metals. Wet surfaces. For many reasons, super glue just doesn’t have the right chemical properties to work in these scenarios.

Bondic on the other hand works on plastics, wood, metal, fabric, ceramics…you can even use it to plug holes underwater. How cool is that!

Super glue is hard to manage, and makes messes that are nearly impossible to clean up.

If you’ve ever worked with superglue, you know you’re in a MAD DASH to get it on what’s broken…and get it off anything else before it leaves the wrong things stuck together. Even when stored safely in the tube, super glue can dry out and harden between uses. What a waste!

Not so with Bondic. It ONLY DRIES when exposed the UV light on the other end of the tube, and not a second before. You can leave it exposed for HOURS – or on the shelf for YEARS – and not a drop can dry up until you’re ready. And if you have a spill while applying Bondic, just wipe up the undried Bondic with a damp cloth whenever you’re ready – NO RUSH!

It’s time to upgrade the way you fix things around your home.

Right now, you can get THREE Bondic kits for only $39.99 – far less than you’d spend replacing those broken items around the house.

Order Bondic today for the jobs superglue can’t handle. You won’t be sorry!

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